"The Space Between"


Positions: Creative Direction Team, Production Contributor, Advertising Team Coordinator 

Deliverables: Skatedeck designs, map prints, re-designed thrift blazers, t-shirts, social media assets

Summary: LIMINAL “The Space Between” came from a class project where I, along with my fellow students, created a full company and cohesive brand identity (color pallet, logo, etc.), culminating in a final show/pop-up shop. Each of us explored various interpretations of the theme, branching out whilst working together to find cohesiveness. I personally explored physical liminal spaces around the world where distinct cultures and people intermix and weave to form dynamic hubs of language, food, customs, and lore. 


Skateboard Decks

IMG_9343 copy.jpg
Board Cleanup.jpg

Map Design Prints

LA map 2.jpg
Granada Redo.jpg
okinawa map.jpg

Apparel: Blazers and Tees

Blazer Grey.jpg

Popup Shop Event + Social Media/Assets


*Photographic collaborative credit to Jake Sullivan!*