"There are always two sides to every coin"

Positions: Creative Director, Concept Artist, Storyboard Artist, Illustrator, Animator, Scene Compositor, Post Editor, Producer, Voice of “Spirit Niol"  

Location Displayed: The White Box

Summary: An animation for a story completely of my own conception. This animation was to serve as the intro title sequence, (common in cartoon series) that sets the tone and introduces the viewer to the bigger world that the protagonist Lian Facio resides in. The tale is of how Lian’s life gets intertwined with the ancient spirit Niol, and his quest to right his wrongs. Through this passion project, I learned nearly all aspects of the creative production from concept drawing to final sound edits. I hope to one day expand upon this story further so I may share with many others adventures of Lian.

Credits: Jake Sullivan (animation mentor), Omar Moreno Garcia (voice of “Lian Facio”)

ABOVE: Storyboards || BELOW: Movie posters

Lian Facio

Lian Facio

Spirit Niol

Spirit Niol

ABOVE: Concept art for various settings and characters || BELOW: Photos of the installation, still frames from the video

{Various scene snapshots}

Hand Animation (Flat).jpg
Mountain 2 (Flat).jpg
Mountains (Flat).jpg
Scene 4 Spirit World.jpg
Scene 5 (Take 2) Flat.jpg