Hello Project

"Finding a way to say Hello."


Problem: Break through the daily noise to get in a genuine hello, for a sincere conversation. 

Solution: Make a custom print to send out, filled with "hellos" and sincerity.  Then, take it several step further.

Deliverables: Illustrated assets, fonts, printables, package design, social media assets

Part 1: Research, Concept, and Organization

What makes my hello genuine, what makes it me? What is my brand, and what influences me?

I found a few key factors: - Light hearted doodles and illustrative style - Scandinavian cultural heritage - The world around me, people, and the stories they tell.


Hello Page Cleanup3_Page_1.jpg
Hello Page Cleanup3_Page_2.jpg

Part 2: Print Sheets

Edited 5.jpg

Part 3: Take. It. Further

Edited 1.jpg